Engineering Services

Integrated solutions
High-performance engines have been our passion for decades—both in motorsport as well as series production vehicles. Today, PS Group offers comprehensive engineering and systems competence throughout the world for engines and power trains. No other engineering services supplier in the power train segment has a broader and in depth knowledge of the entire engine. We cover the full spectrum of engine design and manufacture: from the initial concept to the development of complete new engines—and in conjunction with our in-house foundry and manufacturing the production and supply of engine sub-assemblies and whole engines.

We have the capability to undertake all engineering tasks for our customers in the areas such as fuel consumption and emissions reduction, driveability optimization, and electronic control unit applications and diagnostics. Our service support is comprehensive, competent, and highly cost efficient.

Design and verification
Our product developments for the combustion engine range from single cylinder research and industrial engines to high-performance engines for road or motorsport applications. Experienced resident engineers are available to assist our customers on site. Computer-aided engineering and analysis processes ensure that designs are generated in a time and cost effective manner. State-of-the-art CAD systems are employed throughout the development process to deliver precise and robust data models or simulations.

Testing and calibration
For comprehensive engine development and durability testing, we use steady state and transient engine test benches (both climatic and ambient) and vehicle chassis dynamo-meters. These certified facilities allow the engine’s performance characteristics, as well as the fuel economy and entire emissions spectrum to be measured, analyzed and optimized.