Product innovations

Cylinder Components
Recognition of our high system competence for everything related to the combustion engine is demonstrated by the success of the PS Group power cylinder modules. These assemblies consist of pistons with rings, pins, connecting rods, and bearings. In the case of "power cell unit", the cylinder liner is an additional element. A complete solution that provides a real plus in innovative creativity.

This integral understanding is naturally extended to the development of individual cylinder components in the our product range, and makes a significant contribution to our reputation as technological leader.

Competence—our most important component
Today's engines have higher requirements in respect to cylinder components than ever before: higher operating temperatures and pressures, higher speeds accompanied by emission reductions at the same time. All these factors have created the need for innovative concepts and materials which are higher in performance than ever before. This also requires methods of thought which take systems and overall contexts into consideration. As an optimum, coordination of components releases further untapped potential.

Cylinder component program
The PS Group product range for cylinder components comprises components such as: piston rings, piston pins, connecting rods, cylinder liners as well as bearings and bushings. PS Group is the market leader in the production of forged fracture-split conrods, which were introduced in the mid nineties. The focus of our activities is the continuous research and development of alternative materials and solutions. With our broad product spectrum and our competence in product development, we are set to further strengthen our position in the market for all cylinder components.

Continuously refined expertise
Even as early as the middle of the last century, PS Group recognized how important it is to perfectly match pistons and cylinder components to each other—and the advantages resulting from this. This marked our development from a component manufacturer to a system supplier—with increasing competence in cylinder components both in its own developments and with the targeted acquisition of specialized companies for piston rings, cylinder liners and connecting rods.