We at PS Group, are committed to be an Eco-friendly organization. We will strive to protect, preserve and improve our environment by preventing or minimizing pollution of air, water, etc.

This we achieve through:
- Continual improvement of manufacturing processes to reduce wastes and pollution for maintaining better environmental conditions.
- Optimizing the usage of energy & all other resources. Wherever possible, solar energy will be utilized to the maximum extent.
- Ensuring proper disposal of wastes to reduce impact on environment.
- Complying with Legal and other environment requirements.
- Creating environmental awareness among employees, subcontractors & suppliers to facilitate the implementation of EMS at PS Group.
- Implementing and improving safety standards.
- Maintaining green environment through the plantation of trees, flora & fauna and lawns to ensure beautiful surroundings
- Reviewing the Environment Management System periodically to monitor the implementation of EMS & taking corrective and preventive action wherever required.

By effectively implementing the above, we are proud of being a responsible organization contributing to Social welfare.

Few Environmental Actions:
- Adherence to ISO 14001:2004 Certified.
- Waste Metals is 100% converted into saleable products through operation like
    - Foundry Returns: Shot Blasting
    - Spillage: Magnetic Separator
- 50% usage of return sand in Facing sand.
- Optimum usage of camshaft cutting wheel for tappet grinding.
- Sewage water usage for greeneries
- Oil recycling through authorized dealers.
- Natural Light Roofs
- Green belt coverage.
- Use of returnable plastic crates.